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This blog is about my researches into the history of American chronometer maker and ship’s chandler John Bliss (1795-1857), his family and companies. I’ll be posting information and observations here that I don’t think need to be enshrined in the John Bliss Virtual Museum. Be warned: updates will be sporadic, and occur only when I have something to say (relative to the above; I always have something to say about something).

Things I’ll cover will include genealogical information about the family that doesn’t merit inclusion in the Museum, but may be of interest to others, unsupported speculation, opinions, a log of my research activities, and ‘want-to-do list.’

Of course I’ll always welcome questions and comments, but specific questions about John Bliss and his companies are best sent via email from the Virtual Museum.

Norman Bliss, Curator

The John Bliss Virtual Museum


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