Blisses in Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn

Sometime back, with the help of Chris Bailey, retired curator at the American Watch & Clock Museum in Bristol, CT, I found that John Bliss, his wife Abby, and sons John Jr. and Samuel were interred at Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn New York. I recently searched using Green-Wood’s burial inquiry system and found that fifteen members of the family are buried there, twelve with the surname Bliss. They are buried in plot 9213, sec. 7.

Last Name       First Name           Burial Date

BLISS               JOHN (Sr.)           10/171857    The progenitor of this branch.

BLISS               GEORGE L.           8/5/1861     His son b. 12/27/1859, d. 8/2/1861

BLISS               FRANK H.            9/20/1865     His son b. 1864, d. Sep. 1865

BLISS               EDITH F.               8/17/1870     His daughter, b. July 7, 1862

BLISS               SAMUEL W.         2/23/1884     His son, d. 2/1884

BLISS               ABBY W.              6/23/1885     His wife,  b. 1802, d. 6/21/1885

BLISS               BESSIE                  5/6/1888     Daughter to John Lord Bliss, b 5/9/1887

BLISS               GEORGE H.           8/8/1897     His son b. 7/18/1838, d. 8/6/1897

BLISS               FRANCES E.        4/28/1901     Wife of John Jr. b. 1835, d. 4/25/1901

BLISS               JOHN (Jr.)             9/20/1903     His son, b. 9/28/1831, d. 9/16/1903

BLISS               JANE                    1/22/1908     Wife of Samuel

BLISS               SARAH I.              1/31/1927      probably Wife of Geo. H

LORD              WILLIAM H.            4/21/1865     brother of John Jr.’s wife

ENGELHARDT, Edith F. B.              4/17/1956     Geo.H’s dau. Edith Fowler, b 9/16/1872

ENGLEHARDT, George P.               7/12/1942     Edith F’s husband. Age 71 at death.

The last two from email from Jane Cuccurullo on behalf of The Green-Wood Cemetery 4/3/2012.

Geo. P. Engelhardt is very interesting in his own right. Born in Germany in 1871, he emigrated to America in 1889. He began working at the Brooklyn Museum in 1901, and achieved distinction as a curator of Natural History before he retired in 1930.