Marvin Whitney says in The Ship's Chronometer that Bliss & Creighton began publishing an abridgment of "The Nautical Almanac and Tidal Tables" in 1841. He says John Bliss & Co. continued publishing this abridgment until 1909. As can be seen below, they continued to at least 1912. In addition to the Almanac, which included advertisements for Bliss & other products, they published catalogs and books. To the best of my knowledge, they didn't publish charts or maps, although they did sell those published by others. Shown below are items I've found that were published or sold by them.
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John Bliss & Co. Abridgments of the Nautical Almanac for 1896 & 1912

Bliss & Other Billheads

Endorsement on back of above bill

Bills for the Brig Annie Batchelder
Note the office address for the cooper is the same as the Bliss address, 128 Front St. NYC.

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