This is a small box compass for use in a small boat. It is liquid filled, but has no float on the card.

Diameter of card: 2"; of bowl: 3 1/4"; of gimbal ring: 3 3/4".

Box: 4 5/8" sq, 3 1/4" high. Bowl 2 1/8" high.

Dial: flat, divided to 1/2 pts, no degree marks. No float. Signed "John Bliss & Co. New York"

Brass bowl, liquid filled. Compass may have been reconditioned, brass screws are shiny and top of compass has nice flat black finish. Compass does not point North.

Box: original dovetailed wood with sliding top.


Text copyright Norman Bliss 2002

Pictures by Kathy L. Mangold, used by permission.

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