MARINE GLASS (binoculars)
for day use

Signed "John Bliss & Co. New York" on eyepiece bezels, but has "Made in France" on cross bar.

The objective lenses are 50mm in diameter, and I estimate magnification to be 4 or 5 power.
No case or strap, but in excellent condition. All black with black Morocco leather grips.
The 1909 catalog of John Bliss & Co. lists these as primarily for day use, but satisfactory for day/night use as well (they sold a separate pair of night glasses).
These sold for $10.00, $18.00, or $23.00 depending on the quality of the leather, the choices being"Best Ordinary", "Superior Quality", or "Highest Grade".
By Bardou of Paris, perhaps? The company sold telescopes by Bardou.



Inscribed inside the extendable sunshades:

  Left barrel:
"A.Y.C. Ladies Prize
Class X"

 Right Barrel:
"Presented by H. L. Gielow
Won By
I believe A.Y.C. is the American Yacht Club, Rye, New York and assume "Nancy" is a boat. Unfortunately, the American Yacht Club had a fire that destroyed records from this period.

Text and eyepiece picture copyright Norman Bliss 2002. Top & bottom pictures courtesy Kenneth Lint.

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